Tips to Properly Maintain Your Automatic Mechanical Watch

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If you have or even collect automatic mechanical watches, you must already know that the older it gets, the more valuable it is. So if you buy automatic watches as an investment, it is essential for you to keep it last for a long time. You have to properly maintain and take care of your premium timepiece to keep its value. Below are some tips that you can follow to properly care for your luxury watch.

Use the Best Watch Winder

If you own more than one automatic watch, it is surely impossible for you to put on all your watches to keep them winding. And watch winders can be the solution for this case. If you really need one, make sure you choose the best watch winder with the best quality in order to keep your watch’s performance, condition, and value. Among a lot of watch winder brands, Billstone is one of the best brands.

Billstone only creates timeless designs by combining savoir-faire, security, and a hint of creativity. They aim to reimagine your living environment and foster symbiotic relationships between your personality, home, and precious collection. This brand perfectly and carefully blends safety, quality materials, gorgeous designs, crafting high-quality watch winders for your most cherished watches.

Keep It Winding

Make sure your automatic watch has more times on your wrist than in a box. You know, wearing is caring. Durable auto mechanical watches are the ones that keep winding every day. The best way to take care of automatic watches is by wearing it as often as possible. If you do not wear it that often, you can place it in an automatic watch winder. Watch winders are a tool that will keep winding automatic watches winder by mimicking the motion of the wrist.

It comes in a wide variety of models, such as single watch winders, triple watch winders, double watch winders, and many more. The tool is also available in various materials, colours, rotation modes, and designs. Choose one that meets your watch’s winding requirements.

Do not Shake Your Wrist

You should avoid quickly shaking your wrist when you are wearing your automatic watch on it. If your watch stops winding, gently shake it with the dial facing up in order to reduce tension that can damage your favourite valuable item.

That is how to properly maintain your mechanic watches with an automatic watch winder to keep them last for a long time.

Tips to Properly Maintain Your Automatic Mechanical Watch

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